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Fee Structure Change

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a membership fee structure change?

As you know, we’ve significantly enhanced our offerings, with the inclusion of leadership assessments, executive roundtables, and peer affinity groups.  Additionally, we have opened up our programming to other members of the c-suite, who will be able to attend at no extra charge.  Finally, we are eliminating our “event” fees – all workshops, roundtable and peer affinity groups will be covered by the one annual membership fee.


You’re moving to a common renewal date in January 2020.  I just paid $270 in May.  What are you going to charge me?

Your 2019 payment will be prorated over 12 months ($270\12 = $22.50) and the 1/12 will be multiplied by the number of months you have been a member prior to January 2020 and subtracted from your fee for 2020.  If you paid $270 in May 2019, expecting to renew in May 2020, we will bill you $342.50 for the entire 2020 calendar year ($500 - $157.50 paid for 2019) and you will now renew in January of 2021.


Are there additional event fees for special offerings with the new structure?

All regular workshops, executive roundtables, and peer affinity groups will be part of the new annual fee structure.  We will assess a separate fee for the annual ONE Leader Day awards breakfast and, from time to time, we may schedule a special “one-off” event which will require a separate fee.


Can I bring other c-suite executives to these events?

We welcome and invite ONE CEO members to bring up to 5 C-suite level executive employees (in addition to the CEO) to any event included in the membership fee at no charge beyond your annual fee.


Can I continue to bring other team members to the monthly workshops?

We invite you to bring as many individuals as you wish to our monthly workshops.  Any “non” c-suite individual may attend a workshop for $10 per individual.


Can I bring a non-member to an event?

We welcome your guest to any workshop for $25 per individual.


Why is there now a common renewal date?

To simplify the membership process and provide consistency, we have shifted to a once a year renewal at the beginning of the calendar year.  Memberships that begin in months other than January will be pro-rated through December and then renew as described.


Can I pay my fee in installments?

We offer the option of 4 easy installments over the course of 2020.

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