Warning – AZ Corporation Com. – Compliance Filings Services Scam

Posted at the request of Karen JayneStardust Nonprofit Building Supplies

The Arizona Corporation Commission (AZ CC) warns AZ business leaders about mailings from Compliance Filings Services (CFS) that solicits a $150 fee to file a company’s annual minutes. AZ CC is not affiliated with Compliance Filings Services.

AZ CC does not require this degree of fee and businesses are not required to file “annual minutes”.

CFS uses language in its solicitation that implies it is informing corporations of a legal requirement, and cites statutes that imply legitimacy. The solicitation includes the AZ CC file number assigned to the business with an official-looking filing deadline. A sample of the solicitation is posted on AZ CC’s website under Consumer Alerts.

If you have received this document, you are not required to reply.

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